Female Drivers’ Club

Our Female Drivers’ Club provides enhanced benefits to all female GTM motor private insurance policyholders who become members of the club.  The vehicles should be used for private purpose only.



Motor Private Comprehensive Policyholders

All existing and new female policyholders who own and drive the insured vehicle are eligible to become members at no additional cost provided certain conditions are met.

Motor Private Third Party Policyholders

Female policyholders who have Third Party insurance coverage are eligible to become members of the Club however, they are required to pay a fee of five thousand dollars per year.

Prospective club members are required to submit two passport-sized photographs of themselves so that the Company can prepare identification cards.  The identification card is required to access the service.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIGN UP?  Please complete our AcciProtect Application Form and submit it to a GTM Insurance Advisor or one of our offices near you.