How to File a Motor Claim

Accidents do happen.  We are here to help you, should an accident occur.  Here are some tips that you can follow in order to prepare for the unexpected:

  • Ensure that your insurance certificate (or cover note) and vehicle documents are current and easily accessible from your vehicle.
  • Have your current driver’s licence on hand at all times
  • Store contact(s) for emergency services in your phone and ensure that it is charged.
  • If you are a member of the GTM Female Driver’s Club, make certain that you have your club membership identification card which has the contact information of complimentary wrecker and security services should you require them following a breakdown or accident.

Motor Vehicle Accidental Damage

Here is what you need to submit when filing a claim:

  • Have a GTM Motor Accident Report Form completed (signed by you and the driver if you are not the driver).
  • Copy of current Driver’s Licence of the driver at the time of the accident
  • Copy of the Registration Certificate
  • Original Agreement of Sale (if applicable)
  • If the driver is a Learner, a copy of his/her Provisional Driver’s Licence and licence of the person seated beside the Learner Driver
  • Estimate of Repairs from the repairer

For assistance, please contact our Claims Department or a GTM Office nearest you.

Windscreen or Window Damage

Here is what you need to submit when filing a claim:

  • Complete and submit a GTM Windscreen Claim Form
  • Procure and submit an invoice for the replacement of the damaged windscreen or window
  • Have the damage inspected by a GTM representative at one of our offices
  • Please note that the damage must be to the windscreen or window ONLY. If there is other damage to the vehicle, the claim will be treated as an Accidental Damage Claim with an applicable excess.